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October 23, 2019


Yesterday’s morning broadcast was out of the box. It was all about a jar of joy, and it did, indeed, bring joy to everyone: students and teachers.

Words of appreciation, gratitude and recognition were all wrapped in a small jar of joy and given out to teachers by their students.

The message behind this jar was to teach students that thanking people is a virtue as prophet Mohamed (PBUH) said  "من لم يشكر الناس لم يشكر الله"

October 13, 2019


One of the annual school rituals reflecting Al-Hoda Schools’ administration support to teachers professional development and School Improvement is to celebrate the teachers’ newly acquired diplomas and certificates.


The achievements celebrated this year where:

– TLDW Certificate in Teacher Leadership offerd by HertsCam UK.
– Professional Educator Diploma offered by The American University in Cairo.
– CACHE UK Certificate for Early Year Education.
– Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Learners.
– Special Education Degrees from Egyptian Universities.


Congratulations to all our newly certified teachers.


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