About us

"A Great Experience Starts Here"


School Objectives

AlHoda Schools’ objective is to maintain high standards of  learning and to help each child reach his/her greatest potential. We do our best to provide an interdisciplinary curriculum and classroom activities that allow the child to make meaningful connections across subject areas using an inquiry approach of investigation. Our students shall:

  • Experience success-essential in building self-esteem.
  • Gain a positive attitude to learning.
  • Become confident members of today's diverse society.
  • Take leadership roles in their own communities and beyond.
  • Cherish their cultural values and heritage.
  • Respect individuals with different cultural background

"Learn & Pray … Read & Play"

We offer Sports, Competitions, Egypt Day, In-School Presentations, Reading Marathon, and much more.


Portfolio / Accreditation

AlHoda Azhar School is accredited by the Azhar.


Quran & Islamic Education

We excel in merging high quality curriculum and teaching methods with the teaching of our beloved religion. Whether Azhar or International, our challenging curriculum is tailored to the individual needs, strengths and interests of each student.

Our Values

We aim to provide a learning environment where basic values of honesty, integrity, kindness, and sharing, may flourish. Our programs help inspire our children and nurture curiosity, imagination, hard work, and perseverance. Through the recognition and development of their strengths and talents, our students will develop their skills as active learners and be encouraged to achieve learner autonomy. We are also dedicated to the development of the student as a collaborator and a citizen of his/her community and the world.


Students in AlHoda are constantly challenged to excel and achieve the best of their potential.


Our students will develop a sense of self-worth and self-discipline.

Lifelong Learning

Students in AlHoda are active researchers who are encouraged to make scholarship and the development of new skills a lifetime habit.