October War Victory … A Tale of Resilience and Glory

October 16, 2022

Flags everywhere; happy faces and invigorating ambience – that’s how one can describe the celebration of October Victory that took place at Al-Hoda Azhar School!

Students said a short speech about the glory of the war and how it added bravery and honour to all Egyptians. They waved their little flags proudly and the patriotic songs by ‘Abdel Haleem Hafez’ echoed in the school, awakening the love and respect that we hold for our nation, deep in our hearts.
Everyone saluted the flag and sang the National anthem with great pride and enthusiasm. Eventually, students went to their classes amid the chants of ‘tahya Misr’

This morning’s celebration was to nurture students’ sense of belonging to their country.

May God always bless and protect Egypt!

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